Her fears

She said

The pressure was overwhelming

Mother in law always paid a courtesy visit without notice

Her hoarse voice heard from a far

Have Ellen’s periods showed up yet? She asked the son

Her dreams for a grand child were overrated and shattered

Another month came

Nothing to show

Days turned to months

Months to years

I will keep praying, Ellen said

Pleading with God at the mercy of hope

Pleading with fate

Moon after moon

Cycle after cycle

Month after month

Year after year

All in vain



Butterflies are gone

They’ve flown their way

Left me here alone

Tears fall like silent Thunder

Loneliness and fear behind the mask

The mask that falls off when tears come

The silence of tears and sorrow

Swollen,teary and red eyes

Trying to catch a ray of angellic light

I can’t find peace



To be loved 
never weep over past failure
to be exalted in humble infamy
receive mercy and grace in our favor

To be frail without any claim
no bargaining power in plight
to be blessed in frailty’s name
knowing our strength is His might

no greater JOY than His provision

no greater JOY than His love                                                                                                                                                                                   
no greater JOY than His precision                                                                                                                                                                      
no greater JOY than His above                                                                                                                                                                             

“The Joy of the Lord is our Strength”—Nehemiah 8:10

Our Voices

What’s the point of talking for no one is listening


We keep yelling to be heard

Not scared

Trying to rise from the bottom

The base in our voices boils the blood in our chests

As we lay exhausted from all the efforts that are never appreciated

Speaking as if they never heard our voices

But anyway we still find hope that one day our voices shall be heard