After every storm comes a Rainbow

To the mama who is barely hanging on
Weary mama,
I walked past you the other day. You were on a walk with an infant strapped to you chest. Your face said it all.
Your eyes told me you had reached the end of your rope. Your expression told me that you’re clinging to some sort of freedom you refuse to lay down. But, I got the feeling that your world is putting up such a fight that you’re not sure it’s worth it some days.
I’m sure you were stuck in the house all day and the walls felt like they were closing in on you.
I’m sure you started to wonder if all this mothering of little ones is making a difference or not.
I’m sure you found yourself wondering where you are these days.
I’m sure you need a break.
You’ve given up career advancement. You’ve let friendships slip to the back-burner. You can’t remember the last time you had a girls’ night out or ate with both hands in your very own kitchen. For that matter, you can’t recall the last time you actually sat down to enjoy your own meal.
Mama hold up right there
All will be well.

After every storm comes a rainbow.


Our Voices

Our Voices
Why speak
when no one is listening
The loneliest of pain
Our inner scars mapped out
To a dreadful Voyage
Sipping slowly from this Nations bitter cup
Tears wasted in the struggle to be free
But we are chained and shackled
Chained to a regime that doesn’t care
Whose people see the horror in everything?
Our voices cannot stop it
Nothing left
But a pathetic life



The angel who brings love and blessings every moment in our lives. Today I want to tell you about some values that I grew up with and that your addy and I believe in.

Be respectful. Don’t let any worldly factors create biases in your life. Look at the beautiful side of diversity and different perspectives, there is so much to learn, enjoy and celebrate.

Be a good friend. If there is someone in your school who is being left out, go and include them. If on the bus someone doesn’t have a friend to sit with, be that friend who doesn’t let anyone sit alone. Share your toys, your cookies. And give big hugs.

Be kind. Be sensitive to the needs of others. But first – love yourself first. Love yourself unabashedly and respect yourself. Be your favorite person! And then you will see Neo, that the world will automatically feel like a beautiful place to be in.

Happy third mo, I love you so much. Be Brave and do not worry about anything in life. You just dream to achieve what you want and you will get it – Never give up.

Respect your elders and love everyone around you.

Always remember that the joy of the Lord is your Strength.


My 24th Birthday

On the brink of my 24th Birthday, it appears I have reflected throughout the day about the most recent events that have taken place in my life within the previous years. The good, the bad, the happiest moments all events that took my breath away and led to many tears, still to this day to fall down my cheeks from time to time.

On this day of my 24th celebration, all I celebrate is a new life that become a milestone in my life. Realizing that all I wanted was a second chance to life, a life I carry with hope, happiness and esteem. From this day forward I see birthdays in a different perspective.


Her fears

She said

The pressure was overwhelming

Mother in law always paid a courtesy visit without notice

Her hoarse voice heard from a far

Have Ellen’s periods showed up yet? She asked the son

Her dreams for a grand child were overrated and shattered

Another month came

Nothing to show

Days turned to months

Months to years

I will keep praying, Ellen said

Pleading with God at the mercy of hope

Pleading with fate

Moon after moon

Cycle after cycle

Month after month

Year after year

All in vain