After every storm comes a Rainbow

To the mama who is barely hanging on
Weary mama,
I walked past you the other day. You were on a walk with an infant strapped to you chest. Your face said it all.
Your eyes told me you had reached the end of your rope. Your expression told me that you’re clinging to some sort of freedom you refuse to lay down. But, I got the feeling that your world is putting up such a fight that you’re not sure it’s worth it some days.
I’m sure you were stuck in the house all day and the walls felt like they were closing in on you.
I’m sure you started to wonder if all this mothering of little ones is making a difference or not.
I’m sure you found yourself wondering where you are these days.
I’m sure you need a break.
You’ve given up career advancement. You’ve let friendships slip to the back-burner. You can’t remember the last time you had a girls’ night out or ate with both hands in your very own kitchen. For that matter, you can’t recall the last time you actually sat down to enjoy your own meal.
Mama hold up right there
All will be well.

After every storm comes a rainbow.

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