Oh Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

We are a blessed Nation, they said

Our Corrupt leaders will curb corrupt officials

Great People, Great Nation

The Corrupt are walking against corruption

It will be better, Uganda’s youth endure

Vote for me. begs the Politician heading to Parliament to slumber

I will kill you, shoots a policeman paid by the taxpayers

I am tired of this Country, cries a Graduate

The University has no space for exercising civic rights

I cry for Our Generation

I weep for What is yet to come


Another Year is here


Words expressed on birthdays

Are important and always come true

Here are my warmest wishes for you

May you achieve everything you seek

May never be a moment in your life

When you are clueless about life

I wish that you move to new heights

And walk into more joy and happiness

May you enjoy every day of this your new age

May Life at the Second floor of life grant you all your heart desires

Happy Birthday Aine wa Ssonzi omu bwati !!!!!

In memory of my Father, poem

To the Angel watching over me from Heaven


Losing a father or parent when one is a child may be one of life’s most difficult experiences. Sometimes a poem for dad every death anniversary has made the task of eulogizing my beloved father just a little bit easier since the loss is felt every other passing year.


I was only eight years old

When I heard the most terrifying news of my life

I didn’t fully know what it meant.

I felt numb, but I still cried not knowing what the future held.


I didn’t know how big a hole

Your passing would leave.

As the years have gone by,

I’ve forgotten a few things,

Like the sound of your voice


I can’t remember exactly what

It was like when you held me,

But I do remember it left me with

A feeling of warmth and security.


My first birthday spent without you

Was the hardest after you were gone

That first Christmas just wasn’t the same,

And it remains so as the years go on.


There so many times I have wished you were still here,

To celebrate all of my joys and successes,

To calm my fears and to cheer me on


17 years down the road,

I want to say that we miss you

And think about you every other day.

May your Soul Rest in Peace Dad.






Should I fall asleep

When it all ends

May there be no sadness of farewell

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there, I am watching over you

I am the winds blowing over you

I am the Sun that rises and sets

I am the rain drops that will gather in the tunnels

I am the star that will shine every night

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I did not die

But continue that life in the thoughts and deeds of those I loved


After every storm comes a Rainbow

To the mama who is barely hanging on
Weary mama,
I walked past you the other day. You were on a walk with an infant strapped to you chest. Your face said it all.
Your eyes told me you had reached the end of your rope. Your expression told me that you’re clinging to some sort of freedom you refuse to lay down. But, I got the feeling that your world is putting up such a fight that you’re not sure it’s worth it some days.
I’m sure you were stuck in the house all day and the walls felt like they were closing in on you.
I’m sure you started to wonder if all this mothering of little ones is making a difference or not.
I’m sure you found yourself wondering where you are these days.
I’m sure you need a break.
You’ve given up career advancement. You’ve let friendships slip to the back-burner. You can’t remember the last time you had a girls’ night out or ate with both hands in your very own kitchen. For that matter, you can’t recall the last time you actually sat down to enjoy your own meal.
Mama hold up right there
All will be well.

After every storm comes a rainbow.