In memory of my Father, poem

To the Angel watching over me from Heaven


Losing a father or parent when one is a child may be one of life’s most difficult experiences. Sometimes a poem for dad every death anniversary has made the task of eulogizing my beloved father just a little bit easier since the loss is felt every other passing year.


I was only eight years old

When I heard the most terrifying news of my life

I didn’t fully know what it meant.

I felt numb, but I still cried not knowing what the future held.


I didn’t know how big a hole

Your passing would leave.

As the years have gone by,

I’ve forgotten a few things,

Like the sound of your voice


I can’t remember exactly what

It was like when you held me,

But I do remember it left me with

A feeling of warmth and security.


My first birthday spent without you

Was the hardest after you were gone

That first Christmas just wasn’t the same,

And it remains so as the years go on.


There so many times I have wished you were still here,

To celebrate all of my joys and successes,

To calm my fears and to cheer me on


17 years down the road,

I want to say that we miss you

And think about you every other day.

May your Soul Rest in Peace Dad.






The Duty Is On Us

A woman trying to fulfill her right tovote
A woman trying to fulfill her right tovote

The Duty Is On Us
Democracy demands of us to give them the chance
We the women are joining in the dance
The country belongs to us even when the men are at the front

We shall give them their seats, the two thirty eight
We shall vote them me and you on the D-day
Whether they shall prove to be fools or wise men
We shall play our role; it is what democracy demands of us

The Nation is ours Lets play by the rules, Let us Honor our Vote
We shall be part of the reason why our country is great
We shall serve the country without indecision
Good citizens we shall be together to build that nation we want

Enough of the wandering, the spikes and the battles
We shall stick together and stand for our rights
Tired of the debates on corruption and Religion
We shall stand united till the game is over

They shall have the seats two-thirty-eight
But the country belongs to me and you
We are a billion people, a billion plus
At the end of the day, the duty shall be on us.




I lie in my Bed and think about you

I love you so much I don’t know what to do

I feel your warmth at my side

The pain in my heart moves to my eyes

Miles away yet always so near

You are the reason am still here.

I wait for the times when we can talk

I wait for the times we can finally hold hands and walk

To feel you for real so close to me

The happiest person in the world is what you would make me.

Your eyes shine like a million suns

You shine more brightly than anyone

You smile so sweet that can’t help but make me smile

It stops my world even for a little while

I await the time when I will be with you

And hear you say those three little words.

I have no words to stay that can best describe

What I go through each time I think of you

My heart aches and my eyes cry

But when we talk my heart flies

you always wipe away the tears that I cry.